at Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2016 in Norway

Once again this event will bring together a variety of industry representatives including leading academics, tunnel owners and operators, regulators and solution providers to share their experience and discuss challenges. Please visit us to find out more about our advanced Voice Evacuation System with specialized tunnel loudspeakers.

Ambient System offers dedicated directional high-power speakers ensuring superb quality of emitted acoustic pressure. Those speakers can be installed in the tunnel at regular intervals to ensure precise sound propagation, required noise levels, broader bandwidth and reduction of bounce. Their design and characteristics guarantee the highest level of sound clarity.

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About Ambient System

For more than 20 years Ambient System has been delivering products for high-tech fire safety industry.

We specialize in development, manufacturing and delivery of Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems (PA/VA).

While designing our products we use latest technologies enabling us to create solutions featuring intelligent functionality and flexibility that helps to minimize Clients` Cost of Ownership.

Ambient System is committed to support our customer`s business performance. Our PA/VA systems are designed and produced in Poland which enables us to provide high quality and substantial flexibility of deliveries while low costs can still be maintained. Our team is continuously improving processes and products to obtain excellent level of customer satisfaction. Our quality system is frequently monitored to increase its effectiveness.

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